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Hey fellow hapas [20 Mar 2009|01:55am]

I just created a community for discussions and activities. I wanted a place to discuss race and identity and sexuality and all the other intersections of identity, so I made one.

It's got "stamping" but just for fun. This is not a rating community. It's a way to get to know other people and have more stuff to do on livejournal. I hope it's ok that I'm posting this here. I just really want to get it off the ground!

thedinnercrowd...A discussion & activities community.
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Chance to win $50 gift card @ Best Buy [23 Feb 2008|03:08pm]

Hi everyone,

My name is Monica and I'm completing my thesis for my undergraduate at York University. My study is on ethnic identity and I'm looking particularly for people of mixed ethnicities. I did a similar study last year with great results and so I'm hoping for similar results and have it published. There is not a lot of research done in this area so it would be great if you could help me out.

The survey at MOST will take about 30 minutes, but most people finish it in 12. Once completed, you will have a chance to win a $50 gift card from Best Buy.

The only requirements is that you need to be between the ages of 18-34 and live in Canada or the United States.

The url for the survey is http://www.sporadicity.com/ethnicity_survey/

Thanks so much, and if you have any comments, please feel free to message me.
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[02 Nov 2005|10:26pm]

I've been a member of this group for a while and finally decided to contribute. There's a hapa artist from Japan named Beni Arashiro. Apparently she's Japanese (Okinawans are Japanese whether the country wants to admit it or not).I saw photos of her from some bling mag and thought she was really cute but I didn't know her name because I couldn't read Kanji.
Here's here official site http://www.avexnet.or.jp/beni/en/
Here's some more info on her http://wiki.theppn.org/Arashiro_Beni
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Yellow Fever [17 Feb 2005|12:03am]

Some parts of my essay are ridiculous because I tried to conform to my feminist professor, but here it goes...
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Recruitment [25 Jan 2005|10:33pm]

Hi, I'm trying to start a multi-ethnic club at my university. I need ten members to start the club, so I was wondering if anyone in this community goes to UBC. I know it's a stretch, but if you do, please comment if you're interested. I just need ten people for us to be able to have a booth for clubs day, so we can attract a lot of mixed "race" students and faculty who will finally have a club just for them. Other than a few other ways, I'm not sure how to find these ten people, because I'm not one for walking up to people and asking, "You're mixed, aren't you!?" Please comment if you go to UBC or if you have any ideas for the club.

Crossposted to hapas.
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[12 Nov 2004|09:38am]

I'm doing a research paper based on gender. Basically the topic is on "Yellow Fever" and how Caucasian Males with that obsession tend to covet Asian Women due to ethnocentrism. The problem is, I can only find limited sources. We're supposed to have a minimum of 6 different types of sources: internet, reference tool, book, magazine, scholarly journal, and newspaper. If any of you can direct me to any articles (especially scholarly journals and newspaper articles), it would be alot of help. Thanks
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CA Bay Area People -- Check it out! [05 Aug 2004|11:02am]


Speakers include MABEL TENG (City Assessor-General), TOM AMMIANO (Board of
Supervisors), PROF. JEFFREY KUAN (Pacific School of Religion), REV. PENNY
NIXON (MCC), REV. MYO DENIS LEAHY (Hartford Street Zen Center), and more.

***Marriage Equality Now!***

Rally in Support of Same-Sex Marriage
Join us on Sunday, August 8
for "Summer of Love 2004"
11:30 am to 1:30 pm
Larsen Park (19th Avenue & Wawona)
in San Francisco's Sunset district

The conservatives are organizing AGAINST marriage equality. This year in
California alone, the conservatives have staged anti-marriage equality
demonstrations of 7,000 people in San Francisco and 5,000 in Alhambra. We must
do our part to organize FOR marriage equality. Help us get 1,000 supporters to
attend the August 8 rally to support marriage equality.

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Otherness [05 Aug 2004|10:29am]
I lived in California for 24 years and only had this problem once.
I've been in Saint Louis for 1 year and have already lost count of how many times I've felt it.

Like most of us in my age range, I'm a hapa with a white name (or.. my dad is white). On paper, if I never told you, I'd appear white. Yet I look very hapa. In California, where this isn't an uncommon thing, people don't seem to have a problem reconciling the hapa look with the white name. In the Midwest, people seem to lack this sort of intelligence.

Bouncers and check-out clerks look at your I.D. just a little too long. Look back and forth a little too often. You can almost read what's going on in their shallow little minds: "Hrm... white name... but he appears 'Asian'" - cuz you know, they don't seem to understand what being hapa is; they only see Black, White, Brown, and Yellow.
You almost want to yell at them: "Hey genius, see those White guys with Asian chicks that you just let in like.. 3 people ago? What the hell do you think their kids would look like?"
But it's about that point where they almost seem to make a connection and back down.

The one time it's happened back home? Another Midwestern transplant in L.A. when I was trying to pick up a bottle of wine after work.

With all the things in the news about the Secret Service, Homeland Security agencies' seeming lack of regard toward their own racism, and their less than stellar staffing, I wonder if - given the right combination of these people on a given day - I'd be "questioned" purely on the basis on my name. Apparently, they have no qualms about beating up innocent Chinese female tourists at Niagara Falls, harassing photographers of color in Seattle, Boston, and Arizona, and creating an atmosphere of fear to encourage distrust between White americans and Americans of color.

- crossposted to hapas
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hi! [02 Aug 2004|09:56pm]

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has interesting holiday or celebrational rituals that draw from their mixed ethnicity they wouldn't mind sharing with me. For example, I have a friend who is Chinese and so instead of turkey on Thanksgiving her family makes duck the main entree. I think giving traditional holiday customs a spin by incorporating different cultures is really cool and reflective of globalism (something I care very much about). So I would love to hear all your ideas!
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ATTENTION ALL FILIPINOS [24 May 2004|09:05am]

Hello! My name is Kristelle Siarza, a fellow filipina in New Mexico. I have a favor to ask all the Filipinos in America – can you all do this survey, and can you forward it to your friends and family?! This is major research that will definitely affect the Filipino people, so I need everyone’s help as soon as possible.

Thank you and maraming salamat!


[x-posted, sorry]
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hello! [24 Apr 2004|07:20am]

im new... my mom is white (spanish and italian), my dad is filipino and indian... what's up?! :) yes, it's rarer to have an asian dad and white mom but so is my deal.... i have two siblings, a bro and sis... we all look totally different from each other. i think mixed families can have that sometimes. a little brownie, a little whitie, etc.
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i would like to know [04 Apr 2004|02:49pm]

Hello everyone, it has been awhile since I have posted in this community, but I would like some help.
I am doing a research paper on being of mixed race and stigma. If you could just answer a few questions and give me some insight on your experiences that would be great!
1. are your male or female?
2. your race (mix?)
3. location (geographics)
4. do you consider yourself of the minority race more so then the majority? (what I mean is if you were mixed with Black and white, do you consider yourself more black than white?)
5. Why do you feel this way?

If anyone would like to answer these questions that would be great!!!

*this is cross posted in a few other communities....
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Are you sick of it? [15 Mar 2004|09:31am]

Hey, my friend made a new message board for disillusioned hapas who are tired of all the BS. If you know what I am talking about, check it out. If you are already offended, then don't worry about it.

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Yo *grins* [26 Aug 2003|03:47am]

[ mood | tired ]

Hey, thought I'd just check in and say hi. If you wanna check my hapa credentials, *sucks in breath* I'm not gonna post them here, not yet. After all, I'm new! I don't know who y'all are yet! ;)

Anyway, I'm transgendered and female in addition to being mixed-race, which gives me a kind of interesting perspective, as I come up against shit about my body--and what it is and how labels on it supposedly determine the totality of what I can and cannot be--on a regular basis, and it doesn't always come from where you think it would (and I mean that on a variety of levels). I'm not going to get into that, though.


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Hey there [26 Jul 2003|01:25am]

[ mood | calm ]

Just thought I'd say hello. I just joined the group. I'm from Minneapolis, Minnesota. As for my mixture, my dad is mixed European and my mom is Chinese. Hmm... I can't really think of anything else to say. ^^

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yO [23 Jun 2003|12:15pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

hey sup...I just found this (new to me) community and think I know most of ya from hapas and halfasians but I'll say hello again :). My name is Rich and Im half Puerto Rican and half Filipino http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons/05.gif, and I currently reside in da city of Los(t) Angel(e)s. I was also adopted at 5 so my adopted family is German/Irish (father) and Spanish (grandfather was from Barcelona)/Filipino (Cebu) - (mother). Yeah yeah confused the F__k out of me as a kid growing up http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons/19.gif. Well thats my mini bio...

OH yeah heres a pic of me trying to look all "hard" http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons/25.gif:

FOR those of us who live in LA, I think we should meet up and chill sometime? That would be tight. What do u guys think? http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons/06.gif

http://us.i1.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mesg/emoticons/57.gif peace- UNO

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Hi [06 May 2003|12:26pm]
[ mood | full ]

Hello New Community. I am falling asleep at work....keep nodding off....
Im 24 from California . My dad is black and my mom is Korean. Anyways I just wanted to introduce myself :P

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Another intro... [17 Apr 2003|05:23pm]

I think I might already know some of you in this community.

The basics: I'm Becca (short for Rebecca), I'm 19, and I'm a Journalism student at New Mexico State U. My mom's Korean, my dad is half-white (we're not sure what he is -- Dutch, French, British; could be anything) and half-Mexican Indian. I'm the typical offspring of an interracial, US military aided relationship. ;) I have an older bro who's full Korean but through a freak of genetics he looks less Korean than I do.

Hi all!
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[15 Apr 2003|05:38am]

hey everyone! thought i'd introduce myself. my name is janina, and i'm a proud member of the USAF! ok, that's nothing to do with this community, but i wanted to put that out there. anyways, i'm filipino (mixed pangasinan/ilocano/traditional tagalog<mom from kawit), hawn, chinese, and portugese. my husband is half italian half portugese (father's side from brazil). wow, our kids are gonna be more mixed up than i am! LOL! i'm a social butterfly, and i LOVE meeting new people! i hope to meet more people here with mixed backgrounds! ingats & me ke aloha, janina
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